Contemporary Books

Forsaking All Others 300 DPI.jpg

Dog walker Jules Marvin becomes enamored of marriage equality activist Sylvia Ramirez. Problem is Jules is in a polyamorous relationship with two women and Sylvia is a staunch monagamist. Sylvia induces her to become involved with 2008's anti marriage equality initiative Prop 8.

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Merle needs a renter and Hayley newly out late in life lesbian needs a place to live. Neither of them are looking for a relationship but...


2015 Indianapolis and it's time to fight the right wing religious freedom act. Hometown girl Gail is intrigued by campaign consultant Trevor but Trevor is from San Francisco and thats a problem in a lot of ways.


It's a good and bad thing- Lane Hudson collides with  the girl she lost fifteen years ago. What's going to happen?

Max Cooper loves to party and 1980s San Francisco is a great place to do it. But things do get complicated.  Addiction, death, recovery- what could be more fun?

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