'Feedback' and relevance

Someone on twitter asked what to do with a bad review. The answers were varied but mainly were: do nothing. I read a striking article this morning by Greta Gerwig on a conversation her characters have in "Little Women".

FIrst, Greta Gerwig: "writers aren't the most reliable judges of what they've done". Louisa May Alcott doubted if anyone would want to read what she wrote. Gerwig thinks what we write about MAKES it important. Someone will connect with our writing. Other thoughts on this subject I've read said essentially, if what i write connects with someone than I'm successful. I like this idea.

ON the othe

r hand, there are the people to whom we don't connect. Those bad reviews on Goodreads or Amazon. Ouch. My publisher says ignore them, don't engage with people who write either good or bad reviews. My view- these are just random people and i can feel free to ignore them. Or? Is what the reviewer who writes a negative review have a point. So i do consider their opinions and often feel free to dismiss but is there a grain of truth in the negativity. Maybe. So i try to not take bad reviews to heart and ask myself if I can learn something.


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